A Direct Solution Scheme for Steady-state Analysis

            of a Moving Finite Domain in an Infinite Creeping Body


Lee, Hae Sung



 This paper presents a direct solution scheme for the steady-state analysis of a finite domain that is moving at a constant velocity in an infinite creeping body. The proposed method can obtain steady-state solution directly without any transient calculation. A moving coordinate system that translates with the finite domain is selected. Governing equations and boundary conditions for the finite domain are set up in the moving coordinate system considering the steady-state condition. Since the steady-state condition for creep strain becomes a nonlinear, first-order partial differential equations the creep strain cannot be eliminated in the equilibrium equation algebraically. Incremental forms of the equilibrium equation and the steady condition with respect to displacement and creep strain are derived. The mixed variational statements of the incremental forms of the equilibrium equation and the creep strain equation are presented. Numerical results of a steady-state, mode- crack growth problem in creeping materials by the proposed method are presented and compared with transient solutions by previous studies.

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