Analysis of Target Configurations under Dead Loads for Cable-Supported Bridges


K.S. Kim, H.S. Lee



 This paper presents a rigorous approach for analyzing the target configurations of cable-supported structures under dead loads by the Newton-Raphson method. A linearized equilibrium equation of a cable element, which includes the nodal coordinates and the unstrained element length as unknowns, is formulated using the analytical solution of an elastic catenary cable. An incremental equilibrium equation for a single cable is formed with the proposed equilibrium matrices of cable elements. The geometry of the target configuration of a cable-supported structure under dead loads is utilized to solve the incremental equilibrium equation. Detailed procedures to analyze the target configurations of suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges are presented. The efficiency and the accuracy of the proposed method are demonstrated through numerical examples.

KEY WORDS : target configuration under dead loads; cable-supported structures; elastic catenary cable; Newton-Raphson method; suspension bridge; cable-stayed bridge

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