Design of Accelerometer layout for Structural Monitoring and

             Damage Detection


Soon-Jung Kwon, Soobong Shin, Hae Sung Lee and Young-Hwan Park



 The paper presents an algorithm for designing a layout of accelerometers for structural monitoring and damage detection. The maximum likelihood approach has been applied as a mathematical basis for the algorithm. Fisher information matrix is formulated in terms of mode shape sensitivity with respect to structural parameters. A scheme of an effective independence distribution vector has been applied to determine optimal locations of accelerometers. Singular value decomposition scheme algorithm has been examined by estimating structural parameters through a frequency-domain system identification. The identification results using the response data measured at the locations selected by the proposed algorithm are compared with the paper proposes another algorithm of layout design for damage detection with the assumption that some members critical for the structural safety are pre-determined. Damage possibility of each member computed from the static strain energy has been implemented as a weighting factor in the algorithm. Simulation studies have been carried out on a two-span multi-girder bridge to examine the proposed algorithms.

KEY WORDS : maximum likelihood, Fisher information matrix, system identification, damage possibility

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