1-norm based regularization scheme for system identification of structures with discontinuous system parameterss


Hyun Woo Park, Byung Kyu Ahn, Hae Sung Lee



 This paper presents a new class of regularization functions and the associated regularization scheme for system identification. in particular, 1-norm regularization functions are investigated to overcome the smearing effect of 2-norm regularization functions for the identification of discontinuous system parameters of structures. The truncated singula value decomposition is employed to filter out noise-polluted solution components and to imposed the 1-norm regularization function on SI. The bilinear fitting method is proposed for selecting an optimal truncation number of the truncated singular value decomposition. The validity of the proposed method is demonstrated through the identification of an inclusion in a square plate and damaged members in two-span truss. Copyright 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

KEY WORDS : regularization scheme; 1-norm regularization function, 2-norm regularization function, system identification, optimal truncation number; bilinear fitting method

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