An Inverse Analysis for Identifying Soil Properties

             in Excavation Analysis by Elasto-plastic Soil Spring Model


Lee, Hae Sung, Chung, Choong Ki, Kim, Jae Kwan, Kim, Bong Kyun



 This paper presents an inverse analysis for identification of soil properties in excavation analysis by elasto-plastic soil spring model. The proposed method is based on the least square method to find soil properties which minimizes errors between calculated displacement and observed displacement. The integration of square of the errors over an analysis domain is used as an objective function. Since the number of observation points is usually much less than the number of degrees of freedom of structures, eigenvectors of earth-retaining structures are used to interpolate observed displacements over analysis domain. To validate the proposed method, two examples with numerically simulated displacement are presented.

KEY WORDS : inverse analysis, objective function, least-square method, eigenvectors

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