Formulation of P-M Interaction Diagram

    by Applying Uniformly Distributed Reinforcement and

    Determination of RC Pylon Sections for Target Reliability

    Yunseung Choi



   This paper suggests a method to determine the optimum cross sections of RC pylons that satisfy the target reliability level. P-M interaction diagram is formulated based on uniformly distributed reinforced concrete to generalize the strength of RC column sections. Reliability analysis is conducted by HL-RF algorithm with gradi-ent projection method. An optimum section that satisfies the target reliability level is determined for one of transverse and longitudinal direction or both of them. Object function is selected for reliability index requirement and the equation is solved by Newton-Raphson method with reinforcement equation or regularization function. The validity of method is demonstrated for two pylon section examples, Inchoen Bridge and Ulsan Bridge. When the reinforcement equation and regularization func-tion are used for finding optimum sections, respectively, it is verified that the results are in agreement with each other under same reinforcement ratio condition. The fea-sibility of optimum section with general rebar is checked by placing the equivalent rebar in the cross section

Key Word

Optimum pylon section, P-M interaction diagram, Reliability analysis, Target relia-bility index, Uniformly distributed reinforcement, Regularization function.


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