About Structural Analysis Laboratory

   The research aims of the structural analysis laboratory are to model the structural systems in the engineering sense and to observe their mechanical behaviors.  Prof. Hae Sung, Lee is the adviser of the laboratory.  Recently, "system identification scheme", "regularization scheme" and "damage detection scheme" of structures have been studied intensively and many interesting results about the schemes have been obtained.  Nonlinear analysis of cabled structures, optimal design of pile placements, and 3D analysis of folded plates have been studied and the rigorous solution schemes have been developed. Additionally SEA-SNU, structural analyzer for framed structures with GUI on Windows 98 is developed and widely used by the undergraduate students of school of civil, urban and geosystem engineering.

   For the successful graduate study at the structural analysis lab, strong backgrounds on mathematics, physics, mechanics and structural analysis are required.  Please click here for prerequisite classes offered at the undergraduate course of the School of civil, urban and geosystem engineering, Seoul National University for the graduate study at the structural analysis lab.