Ph.D. theses

1. Park, Hyun Woo 2002

Regularization Techniques in System Identification for Damage Assessment of Structures

2. Tin Tin Win 2004

Structural System Identification and Damage Detection through Regularization Technique Using Frequency Response Function

3. Kim, Ki-Seok 2004

Probabilistic Analysis of Fatigue Life by Estimation of Distribution of Crack Length using Second-Order Third-Moment Method

4. Kim, Yong Han 2007

Defect Detection of a Thick Plate Using Elastic Wave Propagation

5. Kang, Joo Sung 2008

Detection of Abrupt Changes of Structure using Regularized Autoregressive Model

6. Park, Seung Keun 2012

Time Domain SI Scheme for Time-invariant and Time-variant Structural System

7. Hong, Yun Hwa 2012

Reconstruction of Dynamic Displacement and Velocity based on the Variational Statement of an Inverse Problem from Measured Acceleration with Special Application to the Extraction of Flutter Derivatives

8. Jung, Kil Je 2012

Elimination of Frequency Dependence of Aerodynamic Forces in the Time Domain for the Aeroelastic Analysis of Bridge Decks

9. Lyu, Keun Won 2014

Reliability Assessment and Investigation on the Development of Secondary Stresses in Main Cables of Suspension Bridge

10. Lee, Seung Han 2014

Calibration of  the Load-Resistance Factors for the Reliability -based Design of Cable-supported Bridges

11. Kim, Jong Seo 2015

Evaluation of Ultimate Compressive Strength of Flanges Stiffened with U-ribs in Wide Steel Box-girder

12. Park, Kwang Youn 2015

Acceleration-Energy Filter and Bias Compensation for Stabilizing Equation Error Estimator in Inverse Analysis Using Dynamic Dispalcement

13. Kim, Ji Hyeon 2018

Wind Load Factor Based on Wind Load Statistics for Reliability-Based Bridge Design Codes



Master theses

1. Kim, Bong Kyun 1996

Inverse Analysis for Identifying Soil Properties in Excavation Analysis by Elasto-plastic Soil Spring Model

2. Park, Hyun Woo 1997

An Inverse Analysis for Identifying Plastic-Material Properties in Two-dimensional Solids

3. Kim, Yong Han 1997

An Inverse Analysis for Determining Geometric Shape and Material Properties of an Inclusion in a Finite body using Domain Parameterization

4. Park, Cheon Jong 1998

An Inverse Analysis for Determining Geometric Shape and Material Properties of an Inclusion in a Finite Body Using Boundary Parameterization Technique and Regularization

5. Yang, Yoon Seok 1998

Excavation Inverse Analysis for Identifying Plastic-Material Properties by Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Model

6. Lee, Moon Sung 1998

An Analysis of Folded Plate Based on Rayleigh-Ritz Method Using Buckling and Vibration Eigenmodes of Beams

7. Kim, Kyeong Nam 1999

Optimal Pile Placement for Minimization Differential Settlements in Piled Raft Foundations

8. Kim, Ki-Seok 1999

An Initial Equilibrium State Analysis of Cable Structure by Newton-Raphson Method

9. Kim, Jong Seung 1999

Seismic Analysis of Infinite Aboveground Pipeline Considering Hydrodynamic Pressure

10. Kang, Joo Sung 2000

Structural damage assessment from modal data using a system identification algorithm with a regularization technique

11. Kim, Jong Myung 2000

Analysis of Dynamic Fluid Pressure in Infinite Surface-mounted Pipelines with Arbitrary Cross Sectional Shapes induced by Seismic Waves

12. Kim, Han Do 2001

Evolutionary Spectral Analysis of Seismic Response of Infinitely Long Surface-Mounted Pipeline Considering Hydrodynamic Pressure of Viscous and Compressible Fluid in Pipe

13. Kim, Moon Gu 2001

Creep & Shrinkage Analysis of Two Span Continuous Prefelx beam

14. Ahn, Yang Kwang 2002  

Time-Domain Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction Considering Viscous Fluid

15. Ahn, Byung Kyu 2002

System Identification for Determining Material Properties of an Inclusion in a finite body using PP-TSVD

16. Ahn, Jung Jin 2002

Analysis of Crack Propagation Using Element-Free Galerkin Methods

17. Lee, Kyu Chul  2002

Damage assessment of connection in a framed structure using a system identification algorithm

18. Ko, Young Gon  2003

Introduction of Regularization Effect to Structural Damage Detection Scheme Using Neural Network

19. Ahn, Nam Kyu  2003

Analysis of Mixed-Mode Fatigue Crack Growth Using Element-Free Galerkin Methods

20. Park, Man Woo  2003

Damage Detection Scheme Based on Bayesian Theory

21. Park, Jae Hyoung  2004

L1-Regularization Technique in System Identification Based on Bayesian Theory

22. Kim, Chang Hyun  2004

An Initial Equilibrium State Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridges by Minimizing Energy of Structures and Optimal Correction of Profiles

23. Jo, Ho Young  2004

Subdomain Techniques in EFGM for Parallel Processing

24. Park, Seung Keun  2004

System Identification in Time Domain for Structural Damage Assessment Using L1-Regularization and Time Windowing Technique

25. Lee, Min Kwon 2005

Inverse Analysis for Geometric Configuration Adjustment and Closing Analysis of Cable-stayed Bridges

26. Park, Yeun Chul 2006

A stabilizing Scheme for the Dynamic Analysis of Slack Cables

27. Hwang, Jae Woong 2006

Analysis of Target Configuration for Concrete Cable-stayed Bridges Considering Construction Stages and Creep Phenomenon

28. Hong, Yun Hwa 2007

A Regularization Scheme for Displacement Reconstruction Using Acceleration Data Measured from Structures

29. Jung, Kil Je 2007

Initial Equilibrium States Analysis by Optimization of Concrete Cable-stayed Bridges Considering Creep and Shrinkage

30. Kim, Jong Heon 2007

Moving Vehicle Identification using Measured Acceleration

31. Jeon, Ho Jin 2007

Statistical Analysis Method of Cable-stayed Bridges Behavior by Method of Moment Estimation

32. Yoon, Sang Hun 2007

A Stabilizing Scheme for the Dynamic Analysis of Slack Cables by using Arch element

33. Lyu, Keun Won 2008

A Estimation of Damping Properties of Stay-cables Using a System Identification Scheme

34. Kim, Jong Seo 2009

Estimation of Tail Distribution of Structural Response Using a Technique of Moving Domain of Taylor Expansion

35. Kim, Hyun Su 2010

A Stabilization Scheme with the Flexural Rigidity for Dynamic Responses of Cables Subjected to Multi-frequency Loads

36. Park, Kwang Youn 2010

A Study on the Theoretical Background of Autoregressive Based Damage Detection Scheme Using Transfer Function

37. Baek, Jong Hyuk 2010

Mixed Rayleigh-Ritz Method for the Dynamic Analysis of Cables Subjected to Support Motions

38. Bashir, Muhamed Tahir 2010

Damage Detection of Structures by Autoregressive Model and Threshold Value Determination

39. Choi, Jeong Hee 2011

Investigating the spatial focusing performance of time reversal Lamb waves on a rectangular plate

40. Kim, Kyu Hwan 2011

Initial Equilibrium Configuration Analysis for Bridges Supported with Stayed and Suspended Cables

41. Lee, Jin Ho 2012

Nonlinear Reliability Assessment of Cable Members in Cable-supported Bridges

42. Goh, Hee Dong 2012

Analysis of Interaction between Vibration Modes of Single Cable Due to Aerodynamic Damping

43. Lee, Se Gun 2013

Design of the FEM-FIR filter for the Displacement Reconstruction using Accelerations and Displacements Measured at Different Sampling Rates

44. Kim, Ji Hyun 2013

Reliability Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Column under Axial-Flexural Loading

45. Park, Jin Wook 2013

Time-domain Aeroelastic Analysis of Bridge using a Truncated Fourier Series of the Aerodynamic Transfer Function

46. Lee, Ho Hyun 2013

A Study on the Decrease of Load Factor of Direct Dead Load for Design of Long-span Cable Bridge

47. Im, Ye Seul 2013

An Initial Equilibrium State Analysis for the Adjustments of the Axial Forces in Key Segments of Cable-stayed and Cable-stayed-suspension Hybrid Bridges 

48.Lee, Se Hyeok 2014

An Investigation on the Use of 1-Norm Error Function for Inverse Problem based on the EEE (Equation Error Estimator)

49. Lee, Yu Jin 2014

Reliability Assessment of the Tie-down Cables Resisting Negative Reactions in Cable-stayed Bridges

50. Kim, Chong Hyun 2015

Identification of Statistical Model of Vehicular Live Load in Long Span Bridges using WIM data

51. Ahn, Jin Ho 2015

Reliability Assessment of Incheon Bridge for Accidental Rupture of Stay Cables

52. Cha, Seung Heon 2015

Extraction of Flutter Derivatives Based on the Force Controlled Forced Vibration Test

53. Yang, Seung Chan 2016

Determination of Dynamic Amplification Factor and Reliability Assessment for Accidental Rupture of Cables


54. Choi, Yun Seung 2016

Formulation of P-M Interaction Diagram by Applying Uniformly Distributed Reinforcement and Determination of RC Pylon Sections for Target Reliability


55. Bae, Chang Hoon 2016

Determination of the Load-Resistance Factors for Reliability-Based Codes by Optimization


56. Kim, Jung Rae 2017

Estimation Reaction Force and Position of Center of Gravity for Elastic Supported Rigid Body Using Measured Acceleration


57. Kim, Se Sang 2018

Unified Code Calibration for Short- to Medium-span and Long-span Bridges with New Vehicular Live Load Model