Analysis of Two-Dimensional Fatigue Crack Growth under Mixed-Mode Loading


Kim, Ki-Seok, Lee, Hae Sung



 This paper presents a new incremental formulation to predict the growth path of two-dimensional fatigue crack under mixed-mode loading. Displacement and traction boundary integral equations are employed for the governing equations of a linear elastic body with a crack. The Paris equation and the maximum principle stress criterion are adopted to determine the rate and tangent direction of crack growth, respectively. The fatigue crack growth is discretized for given loading cycles and the discreitzed crack path is modeled as a parabola. A successive iteration method is proposed to estimate the parabolic crack path. The validity of the proposed method is demonstrated by two numerical examples for predicting the growth path of a fatigue crack and the fatigue life of a cracked body.

KEY WORDS : fatigue crack growth, crack path prediction, dual boundary integral equations, Paris equation, maximum principle stress criterion

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