Analysis of Initial Equilibrium States of Cable-stayed Bridges by Optimization


Chang Hyun Kim, Hae Sung Lee



 This paper presents a new approach to determine the initial equilibrium states of cable-stayed bridges through optimization with respect to cable tensions. The proposed method is capable of considering the geometric shape as well as the bending moment of a cable-stayed bridge in the initial equilibrium state analysis. Since the proposed method is based on optimization, constraints on cable tensions are easily imposed. The equilibrium equation and the first-order necessary condition of the optimization problem are solved separately for displacement and cable tensions, respectively, to simplify analysis procedures. An iterative scheme is employed to find the solution that satisfies both equations. Cable members are modeled by the elastic catenary cable elements, and a frame structure is discretized by usual 3-dimensional frame elements. The proposed method is applied to the second Jindo Grand Bridge to demonstrate its validity and effectiveness.

KEY WORDS : cable-stayed bridge, initial equilibrium state, optimization, elastic catenary cable element, equilibrium equation, first-order necessary condition

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