Determination of Optimal Locations for Measuring Displacements to Adjust Cable Tension Forces of Cable-Stayed Bridges


Soobong Shin, Jung-Yong Lee, Jae-Cheon Kim,Kil-Je Jung



 The paper presents an algorithm of selecting optimal locations for measuring displacements(OLD) to adjust cable tension forces during the construction of cable-stayed bridges. The rank for optimal locations can be determined from the effective independence distribution vectors(EIDV) that are computed from the Fisher Information Matrices(FIM) formulated with the displacement sensitivities. To examine the efficiency and reliability of the proposed algorithm for determining OLD, a simulation study on a cable-stayed bridge has been carried out. The results using FIM formulated with displacements are compared with those using FIM with displacement sensitivities through the simulation study. The effects of measurement noise and error in cable length on the adjustment of cable tension forces are evaluated statistically by applying the Monte Carlo scheme.

KEY WORDS : Cable-stayed bridges, Displacement sensitivity, EIDV, FIM, OLD

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