System Identification for Determining Material Properties

    of an Inclusion in a finite body using PP-TSVD

    Byung Kyu Ahn



It is reported that the successful applications of L2 regularization to the SI are possible since the solutions are smooth and continuous.  In case of identifying the inclusion with discontinuous boundaries, L2 regularization is difficult to estimate the location and level of the inclusion due to these characteristics of L2 regularization. For overcoming these defects of L2 regularization, PP-TSVD with L1 regularity technique is introduced.  PP-TSVD redemies the instability of SI due to sparseness of measurements and measurement noise and is applicable to SI problems with piecewise-continuous solutions.

   The discretized method using integration in boundary domain is proposed for applying PP-TSVD to the 2-D F.E.Model and through this method, the material properties of the unknown inclusion is estimated.

   The characteristics of results using PP-TSVD with L1 regularity technique is verified by three examples and it is confirmed that PP-TSVD is more effective than L2 regularization with respect to estimating system parameters with piecewise-discontinuous solutions.


Key Word

PP-TSVD, L1 norm, L1 regularity condition, truncation number, derivative operator, sensitivity, SVD(Singular Value Decomposition)


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