Initial Equilibrium Configuration Analysis

    for Bridges Supported with Stayed and Suspended Cables

    Kyu Hwan Kim



This thesis overviews the limitation of existing design and construction of both Cable Stayed Bridge and Suspension Bridge and suggests Bridges Supported with Stayed and Supported Cables to overcome those limitation. To tell the more detail, it suggests initial equilibrium configuration analysis for the Bridges Supported with Stayed and Supported Cables.

   This thesis proposes two analyzing methods for the Bridges Supported with Stayed and Supported Cables. First, A Lump Analysis is the entire constructions of Cable Stayed Bridge applied initial equilibrium configuration analysis considers one construction.

   In progress to applying this method, we found out the problem that the movements of the hanger were against the initial assumption; we could solve this problem by applying the restored displacement type, Successive Interaction. A Lump analysis method has advantage that it is handy for applying but it takes more time for analysis compared with Separation Analysis Type that I am going to introduce following.

   Next method is the Separation Analysis. With this method the entire construction that was used initial equilibrium configuration separates mainly three parts; the Cable Stayed Bridge and Suspension Bridge and hanger. By applying this method, there was problem that the movement of the hanger was against the initial assumption which A Lump analysis method already had and additionally, its separated parts doní»t match the equilibrium condition and compatibility condition. I could solve this additional problem by controlling the very top part of the displacement and each parts initial value. The Separation Analysis Type has disadvantage of its complexity, but there is advantage that it takes less time to analysis and it is able to understand the movement of the construction better.

   Lastly, I verified those two suggestions through the proper examples of Deck has camber.


Key Word

Cable, Nonlinear analysis, Initial equilibrium state, Cable Stayed Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Target Configuration


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